Auberge Provençale Valbonne Village
Auberge ProvençaleValbonne Village


Vegetarian dish    



All our dishes are homemade - fresh products,

fresh and wild fishes 

List of allergens available on request


Prix nets – service compris


Rosemary panisses 6.00


Marinated anchovies 6.50


Sautéed shrimp, garlic, peppers 9,00


Garlic clams, white wine, parsley 9.50


Padron peppers, fleur de sel, sherry vinegar 6.50 


            Fish of the day ceviche, ají amarillo, lime, coriander 9.00


     Beer battered haddock, tartare sauce 8.50


Beef keftas 8.50


Octopus à la Gallega, potatoes, paprika 9.00


Calamari fritters 8.00


Chorizo à la plancha 7,50


Selection of cheese 9.50 


Selection of tapas 22.50

(panisses, anchovies, shrimps, peppers, calamari, chorizo, kefta, haddock)




 Fish of the day ceviche, ají amarillo, lime, coriander 19.00


Hot goat cheese casserole, garlic and white wine sauce, croutons, salad 18.00


Asparagus, mozzarella di Buffala, grana Padano, pesto 19.00


Caesar salad 19.00

(salad, pancetta, eggs, croutons, tomatoes, anchovies, parmesan)




Homemade ricotta and swiss chard raviolis,

gorgonzola cheese, truffle oil 19.50 

Linguinis with clams, garlic, white wine, parsley 22.00


Octopus tentacles, chimichurri sauce, carrots purée, asparagus 26.00


Fish’n chips, tartare sauce 19.00


Whole grilled fish (upon arrival),

sauce vierge, sautéed potatoes, vegetables les 100g 9.00


Beef tartar, homemade chips 19.50


Homemade cheeseburger, Corsican cheese, pancetta, homemade chips 19.50


Confit lamb shoulder, reduced juice, potatoes for 2 people 62.00




Homemade chips 5.00


Sautéed potatoes, garlic, rosemary 5.00 


            Seasonal vegetables 5.50 


Linguinis with butter or tomato sauce 5.50 


Green salad, shaved Grana Padano 5.50 




Homemade Cheeseburger

Served with homemade chips



Served with homemade chips or pasta or vegetables


Fish’n chips



And one ice cream




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